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Adze Designs is pioneering the field of human-centered, science-guided functional space design in the Middle East, focusing mainly on workplace design. We design, renovate, and implement based on psychology and ethnographic studies enmeshed in sound architectural practice.


Karim El Faramawy

Founder & Managing Director

An architect with a wide scope of experience. Over the past decade Karim has worked for different firms with varied scopes of work and diverse approaches to architecture: mega projects, conservation, commercial, high- tech and traditional construction, commissioned by both public and private sectors over different 4 different continents. This has spanned the design of houses in the United States, conservation of Islamic Heritage buildings, and big scale architectural projects such as towers in Abu Dhabi.

One of his last projects came when he joined Mirqah’s School of Management to work on an unorthodox design experiment to create a productized innovation space for large corporates to structure, socialize, and speed up corporate innovation initiatives. Following his time with Mirqah, Karim focused his energy on the challenge of workplace design. He founded Adze Designs to craft unique workplaces that support company values, brand and strategy; promote employee engagement, health and wellbeing; and combine resilience, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal.

Karim continues to be involved in academia , and technological developments in design. He has lectured on computational design and digital fabrication at two universities in Cairo, Egypt. He is an avid reader and an established rower.


Marwa Abdellatif

Partner & Head of Research Department

She received her BSc in Urban Design and Planning which was followed by an MSc on the topic of sustainable planning and tourism development. To follow, her PhD thesis addressed the relation between changes in paradigms and transformation of spatial planning systems with implications for governance modes and urban development.

She works as a senior researcher at the IUSD at Ain Shams University in cooperation with University of Stuttgart in Germany. Their project portfolio includes developing integrated community development projects with local communities of Istabl Antar in Cairo, Nuweiba in Sinai, s; Djerba Island in Tunisia.

In her research, Marwa is particularly interested in developing integrated solutions based on participatory action research and an interdisciplinary understanding of the context. At Adze, her research aims at interlinking knowledge of environmental psychology and neuroscience with architectural and urban designs. With the goal of developing scientifically innovated workplaces that augment productivity.

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